About publimus.eu

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1 October 2017 this website will no longer be updated on a regular basis, due to the fact that I have accepted a full-time job as Head of Media, Sales & Communication at Skagens Kunstmuseer, Skagen, Denmark.

If "publimus" had been a real Latin word it would have meant something like "let's publish" - analogue to "laboremus" which means "let's work".

Even if it's an artificial word, "publimus" succinctly expresses the mission of my business. In a few more words it would be: I want to help clients getting their messages out to the public - in the shape of news, opinions, analysis or sheer entertainment - but not advertising.

I started this business after having worked 15 years as a newspaper journalist and then 15 years as a spokesperson for the European Central Bank. The knowledge and experience I picked up on the way form the basis of my third career as an independent communications consultant and freelance journalist.

Examples of my journalistic work are posted here.

For more details on my background, please visit my LinkedIn profile


Niels H. Bünemann